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re: Kinship Rules and Policies


Raiders of the Lost Content

Kinship Rules and Policies

Personal Conduct

  • Members should conduct themselves at all times with dignity and respect toward their fellow members.
  • If any conflict between members should arise, it should be dealt with privately, not argued openly in voice or text chat.  Involve an officer to mediate if necessary.
  • We do not enforce any specific language rules on our text or voice chat, but please at least be mature enough not to need an f-bomb every 3rd word as part of routine conversation.

Character Level Caps

  • Posession of an XP disabler is required.  The actual purchase of this item may be delayed until it is actually needed, at our kin level cap.
  • Do not go over the current kin level cap.
  • Only deeds / virtues from the zones specified by the kin at each level cap may be obtained.


We're not going to be absolute purists about enforcing equipment rules at each level cap.  We're doing this for fun.  But at the same time, huge advantages make what we're doing less worthwhile.  So we have some basic rules in place:

  • Any equipment that is useable at the character's level, and obtained within the allowed zones specified at the current level cap may be used.
  • Starter legendary items may be obtained and used at level 50.  We don't feel that the advantage gained by these items is big enough to be content-breaking.  Other than the introduction, the remainder of Moria is off-limits until the level cap is raised.
  • Gear that is bartered with account-shared currency may be bartered for and used if the player has the currency already from activities with other characters.  This includes First Age items.

Raid-worthiness and Raid Conduct

Even though we're running lower-level raids, we are running them on-level.  Therefore, characters are expected to be built properly for challenge-mode raids, just as they were when the content was current.  Deeds, traits, and gear should reflect a challenge-mode-capable character.

  • Raiders are expected to be actively deeding, working toward maxed virtues for the current kin level cap and allowed zones.
  • All class traits available at the current kin level cap must be completed.
  • Gear should be indicative of some effort being put into the character.  Running the first 10 raids still in quest gear because "Oh, I'm just waiting for xyz rare drop" is not acceptable.
  • Be on time for raids.  There are 11 other people whose time you're wasting.
  • All players should be equipped with raid consumables at all times.  This includes morale and power pots, all 4 effect pots, scrolls, tokens, and food (cooked food, trail food, and soups).  If you need some made, just ask, and provide whatever mats you may have.
  • No exploits will be used in any raid or instance.

Loot Rules

The following rules will apply for raids that use the original loot system.

  • Loot will be distributed on a single roll / pick from what's available basis.  i.e. Everyone rolls, top roll gets their pick from all available loot, and so on down the list.  Once the entire raid has been gone through once, remaining loot may be distributed in a manner at the raid leader's discretion, so long as it doesn't exclude anyone from being able to win something they can use.
  • Housing Trophies:  The first drop of a particular trophy from a raid (does not apply to fellowship content) will be taken by an officer or the raid leader to be placed at the kin house as our group trophy for that raid.  Subsequent drops will be distributed as regular loot as per the previous paragraph.
  • Nobody should ever get bent out of shape about loot in a RotLC raid.  We're here to have fun, let's keep that our primary objective.  After all, this is lower level gear from lower level raids.  Chill.
  • Players are encouraged to think about the raid group as a whole, rather than their own personal gain, when making loot decisions.  For instance, if there is a First Age token available, and you already have a First Age weapon, and the person following you in the roll list does not, it would benefit the group as a whole if you passed it to them.


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