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re: RotLC Overview


Raiders of the Lost Content

Kinship Overview

Raiders of the Lost Content is a kinship dedicated to enabling our members to experience the older raid and group content in the game on-level.  After 6+ years of expansions and level cap increases, there are a lot of great raids and instances that the newer players never really got to experience, because very few people ever bother running them anymore, and on the rare occasion that they do, it's with current level-cap characters just blasting through, and not really experiencing the instance.

The concept of RotLC was created to appeal to several types of players.  First, those who ran the old raids when they were current, and would like to run them on-level again, for fun.  Second, those who started the game later, and got into raiding, but never got to experience the older raids.  Third, those who would like to raid, but are looking for an easy-going group in which to gain the experience and knowledge required to run level-cap challenge mode raids.

RotLC has experienced leadership at the helm.  Findail has been raiding since Helegrod, the game's first raid, and leading raids since The Rift, eventually taking over leadership of There and Back Again on Silverlode.  Ryssadis has been raiding since Barad Gularan at the level 65 cap, and an officer of TaBA.  Both transferred mains to Elendilmir for the Rohan expansion, and were part of Preying Mantis.

We are located on Elendilmir, but you need not have existing characters here to come join in.  Come create a character, level up with the others who will be doing the same, and running the lower level fellowship content along the way to get to know each other.  We have a full support infrastructure in place, with crafters of all vocations, to help gear everybody up as they level.  If you're already in an existing kinship on Elendilmir, we won't require you to move the character you want to run with us into ours.  Just keep in touch via other means, to know when things are happening.

How it Works

We will level characters to the old level caps, in turn, starting at 50.  We then use the XP disabler to keep the character at that level, and run the raids and other content that are appropriate to that level.  We envision staying at each cap for several months, learning the raid for those who are new, remembering it for those who have forgotten, gearing up characters, and most importantly, having fun!  When we, as a group, decide it's time to move on, we'll raise the cap, level up, and freeze again to run the next batch of content.

There's no need to buy the XP disabler immediately, and we'd recommend waiting until closer to 50 anyway, just in case you might change your mind about what class you really want to play.  You're also certainly welcome to bring up more than one character with disablers.  It's your TP, use it how you want! :)

Even for the veterans, the new class changes coming with Helm's Deep, and maybe playing a class you haven't raided with before, will put a bit of a new spin on things.

Who we're looking for

Anyone who wants to get the most out of their character, complete raid content at the highest level of competency, and do so in a fun and light-hearted environment is welcome.  A sense of humor is a must.

If you're already an experienced raider, and would like to have some fun with the old raids again, come on over!  Veterans should be tolerant of, and willing to help the less experienced players.

If you'd like to get into raiding, but don't have much experience with it, and want to see what it's all about, come on over!  Newer players should be willing to learn, actively striving to improve, and accepting of advice and constructive criticism when given in good faith.

If you're not really interested in raiding, and don't want the pressure of having to perform at raid level, but would like to join a group that's going to be actively running the fellowship content along the way as you level up, that's fine too, come on over!  Just identify yourself as a non-raider.

Activity level post-Helm's Deep release

We expect that the activity level will be pretty low for the first several weeks after the expansion.  Once folks have had a chance to get their mains leveled and started on the new content though, we hope to start winding up and having folks online and leveling.  Anytime we have enough to run some fellowship content, we'll run that.  As soon as we have enough at 50, we'll start raids.

If you're interested in joining us, just hit the "Apply to Kinship" link in the top left to apply on the website, and/or look for us in-game:

Findayl / Borillar / Mappin / Moare / Neato

Ryssadis / Acheros / Glitzen / Rosealynn

Credit where credit is due:  I got this idea from some guys in Preying Mantis that were going to try to do this, but it didn't have enough momentum and support to get people that were somewhat interested to actually commit.  By putting the word out game-wide, I'm reasonably certain that we can draw in enough people to keep a high activity level within the group.

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